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    The quality of our products is our top priority. That’s why we don’t sell ‘old’ products. Moreover, we want to ensure that we meet the ISO requirements for returning.

    The return of purchased item is still possible, but only if the following conditions are met: you can return your order within 1 month, in its original state and packaging, with a return number. You can get a return number by sending an email at sales@cemextrescon.nl.

    Private customers can download a return form. After receiving the form, we will send you a return number. Goods without return number will not be accepted.

    1. What are the conditions for returning my product(s)?
    • Please contact our sales department to obtain authorization to return the product and to get a return number.
    • Healthcare institutions should contact our sales department. They will inform the account manager concerned about the request for return of the purchased goods. He/she will decide whether this request will be approved.
    • The package should include a package list, your name, the date, the quantity and a product description.
    • The items must be returned carriage paid.
    • Please indicate clearly the reason for returning so that we can quickly evaluate your request.
    • Items with handwritten texts, stickers, names, tape etc. will not be accepted.
    • Used items, such as worn shoes, will not be accepted.


    1. Warranty
    • In order to avoid bacteria or dirt from entering our company, the returned items should be clean.
    • Warranty will only be applied in case of a clear manufacturing defect. This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use or normal wear and tear. This warranty also doesn’t cover ‘non water resistant’ shoes, since we recommend to wear boots in when you’re working in a wet environment.


    1. Unused items
    • Customized products and personalized items cannot be returned.
    • Unused items will only be accepted for return after written authorization by our account manager or sales department.
    • Unused items are subject to the same conditions as described in paragraph 1 and 2.
    • Returned items may be subject to a restocking charge.


    1. Refunds

     The refund amount depends on the deadline for returns. Below, you will find the refund percentages:

    • Within 1 month: 100 %
    • Within 2 months: 75 %
    • Within 3 months: 50 %
    • > 3 months: 0 %


    Cemex Trescon will evaluate all requests  for returns/refunds. Cemex Trescon reserves the right to make exceptions to the above-mentioned policy.