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It may be possible you want to return a product to us. Please take note of the following rules:

  • The returnings should be notified to our sales in advance and they will give you an aproval;
  • There should be a packaging list included to your returned items which state clearly the item numbers, descriptions and quantities;
  • Unstamped shipmets will be refused;
  • For each item the reason of returning is clearly recorded on the packaging list;
  • Materials and boxes with handwritten text, stickers, names, markers etc will not be excepted;
  • Worn shoes can not be excepted;
  • Returned items should always be returned in a clean state;
  • Warranty will be aplied on items with a manufacturing defect. Items that have been misused are not be eligible for warranty
  • Items ordered or produced specially for customers can not be returned;
  • Unused items will only be accepted after an aproval of our sales department
  • It is possible we calculate restocking charges for your returned items