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Cemex Trescon B.V. is an international supplier of hygiene products, personal protective equipment and medical- and facility disposables. Every day our products are used in healthcare, food industry, retail, facility services, supermarkets, restaurants, wellness, automotive, agriculture and horticulture.



A wide range of disposable headwear

Disposable caps are essential to maintain a high level of hygiene. Our disposables are used in e.g. restaurants, food handling and processing units, laboratories and healthcare facilities. In order to facilitate your compliance with national and international food safety legislation, such as the HACCP standard, our disposable hats are all certified.

Different types of disposable caps

Cemex Trescon offers a wide variety of disposable hats, such as clip caps, hairnets, peaked caps, snood caps, chef hats, shower caps and balaclava hoods.

Colour coding system

CMT disposables are suitable to be used in a colour coding system. Our clip caps, hairnets, peaked caps and snood caps are available in many different colours to minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

Shop online

In our web shop, you can place an order at any moment you like. You can pay quickly and safely with iDeal or credit card and regular clients can also buy on credit.

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