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    Company details

     Pand Cemex Trescon Spectrumlaan 5 Bleiswijk 

    Visiting address

    Cemex Trescon B.V.

    Spectrumlaan 5

    2665 NM Bleiswijk


    Postal address

    Postbus 244

    2700 AE Zoetermeer


    Contact information

    Telephone number Netherlands

    Fax number Netherlands

    Telephone number Belgium

    Fax number Belgium

    Email address

    +31 (0)79 346 60 00        

    +31 (0)79 346 60 22

    +32 (0)3 843 30 80 

    +32 (0)3 843 30 90


    Chamber of Commerce (KVK) and VAT number

    Chamber of Commerce (KvK) number         24147391
    VAT number NL 006331026B01

    Bank account information Netherlands


    IBAN number

    BIC code

    ABN AMRO Rotterdam