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    Cemex Trescon is in motion for more than 100 years. Discover our history in the timeline below.




    Ernst Ascher & Co from Hamburg, Germany, expands into the Netherlands and opens an office at the Wijnhaven, Rotterdam



    The company moves to a new building that is situated on the famous Coolsingel, Rotterdam.



    The trading activities are continued under a new name: Producten Im- & Export.




    The company moves to a new building at the Beukelsdijk, Rotterdam, after the old building at the Coolsingel was destroyed during the 1940 bombardment of Rotterdam.



    The company moves again, this time to Heemraadsingel, Rotterdam.



    Producten Im- & Export expands its assortment with food related products such as sausage casings, foil, MSP, trays, vacuum bags and meat netting.


    The company Messet is taken over. Messet offers a wide range of equipment and tools specifically designed for the food industry.



    Benepack is founded and focuses specifically on packaging en packaging machinery for the non food industry.



    Trescon B.V. is founded after a merger between Benepack B.V., Producten Im- & Export and Messet. The company moves to a bigger building at the Stephensonstraat 12, Zoetermeer.



    The company Speeko B.V. is taken over. Speeko is a wholesaler of trays, sealing bags, skinpack foil and sealing machines for the food industry.



    Cemex Medische Techniek B.V. is taken over. Cemex is an importer of HACCP disposables and consumer products that address the aging society such as blood pressure monitors, rollators, cushions and light therapy instruments.



    Safety Comfort is taken over. Safety Comfort was known for its HACCP disposables.



    All packaging activities are grouped under the Speeko company. All hygiene products are grouped under Cemex Trescon.

    Cemex Medische Techniek B.V. is renamed to Cemex B.V. and focuses on care & comfort products.


    Cemex Trescon B.V. moves to a new modern building on the Spectrumlaan, Bleiswijk.



    Kenrich B.V. is taken over. Kenrich was a wholesale company of HACCP disposables and tools for the food industry.



    Halbatec B.V. is taken over. Halbatec was known fort heir paper industrial hygiene products.



    Schinkel B.V. is taken over. Schinkel is a supplier for healthcare organizations and sells medical instruments and disposables.