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From our background in food industry we think its important to create an environment where product hygiene and safety are ensured. Therefor we are BRC S&D certified since 2007 with annually inspections of Bureau Vertias.


More than 300 control points!

BRS Global Standard for food safety, in short BRC, is a standard designed to guarantee food safety through the whole production and distribution proces. Today, the BRC standard includes requirements on HACCP, quality management systems, management responsibility, storage and distribution facilities, product an process control and training and personal hygiene of employees. All these elements are tested on the basis of more than 300 control points to guarantee quality.


In case of an emergency

In case of emergencies that threatening public health please contact our office:

  • During office hours (Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 17:30): +31 (0)79 346 60 00
  • After office hours: +31(0)651889716.