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Omron is best tested by the Dutch Consumer Association!

What is the best blood preassure monitor? This summer the Dutch Consumer Association (Consumentenbond) tested 15 well know blood pressure monitors from Omron, Beurer, Microlife, Medisana and iHealth based on easy of use and versatility. The test was done by 48 members of the consumer panel and 3 experts.

The test results show that Omron blood pressure monitors are very user friendly and comfortable. In particular the larger buttons and quality of the display are found very positive. In addition, the preformed cuff of the M6 model was very pleasant.

The end result makes us very proud! The Omron M6 Comfort received an 8, the Omron M3 an 7,5, the Omron M10IT and the Omron M7 an 7,3! Because of these results the Omron M6 Comfort is the 'Best Tested' and the Omron M3 'Best Buy'. We as distributor for the Netherlands are very proud of this result.

Download the article from the Dutch Consumer Association.